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Advanced DNS filtering

Cataloging through DNS Machine Learning

The word “intelligence” generally means procedures of rational and analytical choices but not automatically the idea of Artificial Intelligence. 

The current state of the web rules out the possibility that, in the case of domains, effective DNS Intelligence can be done without AI. 

In fact, the most recent data confirm that almost 5 billion people in the world spend an average of approximately seven hours a day connected to the internet.  The only solution that can guarantee secure browsing is an automated process of analysis of the domains, with a high capacity for cataloging, known as DNS Machine Learning.

In fact, no human device would be able to examine and decide, in real time, if requests to access the internet involve dangerous or inappropriate sites.  Through advanced  DNS Machine Learning tools, it is, instead, possible to analyze the contents of the site, their behavior, and the warnings about them, so that they can be cataloged in a detailed manner and blocked if requested by the user.

Granular protection
for Enterprises

In network environments with Microsoft Active Directory, it is possible to synchronize users and groups with the protection offered by FlashStart, so that granular policies are activated.

For example, you can activate social networks for the “Marketing users” group and block them from the “Front Office” group.  At the same time, report management will also guarantee granularity of service, and each department director will be able to evaluate the use of the internet within his department.

In this way, the network administrator can assign safety and browsing policies based upon the department and role within the company, as is currently required everywhere in enterprise environments.

FlashStart Cloud makes it easy to filter content and malware. It’s less expensive than an appliance because it requires no new hardware or software.

In just 15 minutes you can create a more productive and safer internet