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FlashStart Internet Protection

FlashStart provides Internet Filtering without the need for additional hardware or software. Widely deployed small and large business, public organizations, residential, ISP’s and WiFi hot spots around the world. In just 15 minutes you can protect against 25,000 forms of Ransomware / Malware,  block offensive content (eg porn) , time-wasting stuff (games)  and much more.


SafeSearch is easier and requires less maintenance when integrated with MikroTik routers.  What’s more it can be simultaneously enabled for Google® and Bing® without the need for  browser administration.

Closely integrated with MiroTik, FlashStart allows  Google® and Bing® SafeSearch to be forced to ‘always-on’ with just one click. This can form part of a robust internet filtering strategy to manage content and malware risks.

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